The Problem


Here is the thing. Well, it is not the thing exactly, it is more like a frustration or desperate need for deformation. The work in Artificial Intelligence field is less orientated as I expected, nor it is organized. Of course, there are sets of tools to work with, witch works, after some tune-ups, but this time it is not about tools. It is more about the essential of this field, the root, which drives it forwards – the brain.


We, human living beings, are very subjective on every subject what so ever. We do go to school in order to learn how to write, calculate. There are not so many intelligence, as I define it, in those ages. It is more like an exploring process, which started immediately after memory system has been launched in the brain and finishes then we die. It is more or less continues process.

So, here is the thing: how to define, on what intelligence basis, do we develop the artificial intelligence system? Example: an older person has a quite bad memory, so the brain does not recognize some of the people faces. So does current face-recognition solutions, due to some unique specifications. Personally, sometimes I do mess up with recognising some of my fellow students, but let’s say, machine does a better job. What conclusions does it make? While, after some renewing-faces job, I do perform better job, than the machine, does it makes machine less accurate?

These questions are the essence of the brain working problem – it is not a state machine. It is a dynamic machine. You can not stop it, as a car engine, inspect it, make changes and run again. If You kill the brain, it would not rise from the dead again. This is the problem. The only possible solutions to this is to make changes, while brain is still working. This causes some ethic problems, sadly. Another solution – making models and testing them. Looking how likely it is to work as brain does. More like physics, huh? Just physics people have a good platform to test their ideas – the mighty universe. While we do have only 5 kg of neural matter, which is not possible to model on high level scale.


Brain, the dynamic system of connections, which is not possible to model, is so interesting, so frustrating and depressing on the same time. What gives us energy to explore the brain, also does make the problems to do so.

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