Perceptrons or two daughters of cybernetics

Noriu pasidalinti įdomia citata, kurią radau “Connectionsism and the Mind” W.Bechtel and A.Abrahamsen knygoje:

Once upon a time two daughter sciences were born to the new science of cybernetics.
One sister was natural, with features inherited from the study of the brain, from the way nature does things. The other was artificial, related from the beginning to the use of computers. Each of the sister sciences tried to build models of intelligence, but from very different materials. The natural sister built models (called neural networks) out of mathematically purified neurones. The artificial sister build her models out of computer programs.
In their first bloom of youth the two were equally successful and equally pursued by suitors from other fields of knowledge. They got on vert well together. Their relatioship changed in the early sixties when a new monarch appeared, one with the largest coffers ever seen in the kingdom of the sciences: Lord DARPA, the Defence Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. The artificial sister grew jealous and was determined to keep for herself the access to Lord DARPA’s research funds. The natural sister would have to be slain.
The bloody work was attempted by two staunch followers of the artificial sister, Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert, cast in the role of the huntsman sent to slay Snow White and bring back her heart as proff of the deed. Their weapon was not the dagger but the mightier pen, from witch came a book – Perceptrons …

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